Environment and sustainability

Environment and sustainability are our top priority. We are continuously looking for improvements in our operations, which benefit the environment. In addition, we strive as much as possible to sustainable products available and thus respond to the environmental criteria for socially responsible purchasing. Our proven certificates on environment and sustainability are:



We are connected to the Horticultural Environmental Project (MPS) certificate. This environmental certification, demonstrates our level of sustainable operations. To ensure this certification we recycle much of our packaging and we use only recycled cardboard boxes. In addition, we transport our materials and products as efficiently as possible and we use our own Euro emission 5 standard truck . This is to minimize the environmental impact and also to be able to access inner cities’ environmental zones


As a supplier of organically grown bulbs, we belong to the select group of certified companies that trade in organic bulbs in the Netherlands. The associated certificate we received from Skal (“the” organisation for organic control body in the Netherlands). With this certification, we guarantee our customers certified organic stocks when specified.

'On the way to PLANETPROOF'

SMK introduced the label ‘On the way to PlanetProof’. PlanetProof is a quality mark for sustainably grown vegetables, fruit, flowers, plants, trees and bulbs. By meeting the PlanetProof quality requirements, farmers and growers help to make the air cleaner, soils more fertile, water purer and they can attract more nature to their farms. The goal is to harmonise the balance between the farm and the environment and reduce our impact on the planet. We are on the way to PlanetProof!


We are proud to announce that we have been granted permission by the RHS, to use their “perfect for pollinators” logo. Many of our bulbs and perennials have always provided a valuable source of food for wildlife, and now we are able to highlight the products you may like to use for this purpose.