1Design/drawing and advice

Taking into account the wishes of the buyer, the soil condition, location, blooming period and blooming height, we will give advice and present a design.

Design/drawing and advice

2Ground analyses

If the existing situation requires, soil improvement ⇒ has to be applied. To create optimal growth conditions. After all, the key to success is a good starting point.

Ground analyses


We use plants that meet the following criteria:

  • Fast growers with good ground covering capacities
  • Strong species
  • Hardy
  • Long blooming period

41st year maintenance and aftercare

A good management is essential for the success of your planting plan.

1st year maintenance after planting:

  • Keep the location weed free by weeding
  • Removing litter
  • In a dry period: watering
  • If necessary, replant single plants
1st year maintenance and aftercare


In autumn (September) fertilize with an organic fertilizer.


62nd year maintance and aftercare

Our advice is to grow the foliage to about 5 cm in early spring (just when the perennials grow higher) mulching above the ground level. You can see our mulcher on the attached picture.

After the perennials have been mown, we advise to fertilize again with an organic matter.

Maintenance of 2nd and following years:

  • Sporadic weeding 
  • Fertilize (March and September)
  • Mowing and mulching (in February/March)
2nd year maintance and aftercare

Need advice?

We would be happy to visit your location to discuss the possibilities without any obligation.

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