Lubbe Lisse works together with Honey Highway for flower-rich boroughs

Biodiversity is declining. The result? Hundreds of bee species threatened with extinction. While these insects are important for the pollination of many plants, crops and the preservation of our nature. Human support is also very important. That is why Lubbe Lisse has entered into a partnership with Honey Highway to promote flower filled municipal roadsides and more attention to biodiversity.

Long-flowering mixtures of Lubbe Lisse are popular with insects

A few years ago we started with the combination of planting flower bulbs and sowing of wildflowers. During the flowering of these long-flowering mixtures, it is very busy with nectar and pollen-seeking insects. This combination of flowers produces a colour spectacle, for which we receive many positive messages from residents.

Lubbe Lisse and Honey Highway collaboration for nutrient-rich verges

It is important that everyone is committed to a green future for both humans and animals. This requires good cooperation between different parties. That is the message that Lubbe Lisse wants to convey by entering into a partnership with Honey Highway. Honey Highway's ambition is to ensure a permanent paradise for wild bees in roadside verges and dykes. Our common goal is to turn these situations into a food source, and for as long a period as possible.

Encourage local authorities to create a bee paradise

"Honey Highway" is a permanent paradise for bees on roadsides of motorways, roads railways and riverbanks. The objective of this initiative is to preserve and reduce the 360 species of native bees as well as wild honey bees.

Together we try to make local authorities enthusiastic about creating a bee paradise in their own environment, by planting a sea of flowers consisting of flower bulbs from Lubbe Lisse and wild flower seeds. This helps wild bees, honey bees, bumble bees and other insects to overwinter well in this way. Flowery verges increase biodiversity and provide cheerful colours along the way!

Specially formulated mixtures for the wild bee in your region

In collaboration with Honey Highway, Lubbe Lisse puts together the Honey Highway flower bulb and natural seed mixes, based on the region and soil type (sand, loam or clay soil). With this, wild bee species, the honey bee and other insects, which are common in the region, are served by pollen and nectar from perennial wild flowers. In the composition of the natural seed mixture, a selection was made of bulbs and natural seeds based on the species that follow in terms of flowering. The result? Almost a whole year round a sea of flowers that supplies the bee (and all other insects) with food, so that wintering becomes possible.

Together for more bees and better biodiversity!

The ultimate goal of the collaboration with Honey Highway is to preserve and return native wild bees and English honey bees for better biodiversity. With the Lubbe Lisse mixtures, a nutrient-rich environment for the bee is created and together we improve biodiversity in the Netherlands. If you would also like to help, ask about Honey Highway Mix for your area. Contact Lubbe Lisse via or call us directly.

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