The knife cuts an opening in the turf.

2The plant base

The by the knife created opening is created makes it possible for the the planting feet - which is adjustable in various depths - to easily slide under the sods.
The plant base

3Emptying baskets

The baskets with the flower bulb mixture are emptied in the hopper of the planting machine.
Emptying baskets


At the bottom of the hopper the bulbs fall on two conveyer belts. From there they are falling into the ground.

5Closing the sods

The tires on the back of the planting machine ensure that the sods are closed again.

Closing the sods

6Add fertilizer

In order to get the best efficiency from the result and the life span, it is important to add organic fertilizers to the planted flower bulbs. Our planting machine offers the possibility of fertilizing during planting by a small applicator which is mounted on the front of the planting machine.
Add fertilizer

7Extra fertilization

In addition to the fertilization during planting, extra fertilization can be given during spring. We also provide this service for you.
Extra fertilization

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