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Creative enthusiasm meets 100 years of knowledge and experience

Creative combinations in plantings of flower bulbs and perennials, that yield a colourful result in public green spaces. For over a century, Lubbe & Sons has been the specialist for government institutions, schools, universities, theme parks and many other scenic locations across the Netherlands and abroad. Through machine planting of our flower bulb mixes, Lubbe & Sons aims to ensure an optimum result in growth and flowering in any kind of public space.

Specialists in greenery

Lubbe & Sons offers specialist services in the sometimes challenging field of landscaping for government institutions and planners of urban green spaces. This poses a challenge (though one we are more than equipped to face) because no two situations are alike. Depending on the climate, existing sun or shade, soil type and water management aspects, the solutions we deliver are primarily bespoke in nature. This refers not only to the plant material supplied but the entire process of providing clients with guidance and individual advice with regard to planting and maintenance.

The history of Lubbe & Sons

It was in the year 1900 that the 23-year-old Gerardus Johannes Lubbe, a market gardener by profession, decided to go into business for himself as a florist. In doing so, he laid the foundation for the current company of G. Lubbe & sons Ltd in Lisse. That was then. And in the century that followed, during which vast experience and a remarkable amount of expertise were gained, the family-owned business began to focus entirely on growing and trading flower bulbs and perennials.
We offer creative enthusiasm combined with 100 years of knowledge and experience: a one-stop-shop, so to speak. Over the years, Lubbe & Sons in Lisse has put down firm roots for itself in the landscaping industry, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Today, our company employs the fourth generation of the family. Thanks to them, the current Lubbe & Sons is a business whose people know what they are talking about; it's a service-orientated enterprise that successfully makes green spaces so much more beautiful, vibrant and colourful.



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