Many applications are possible

Which plant technique can be used, depends on many factors. From time, location to the product to be planted. At Lubbe Lisse we use the following planting possibilities:

Machine planting

Machine planting your flower bulbs offers enormous advantages, not only for the bulbs but for the surrounding residents - not to mention the residents of the beds and fields themselves, the insects. This rapid planting process minimises damage to the bulbs while limiting nuisance to surrounding residents and delays to traffic along the road.

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Planting by hand

At sites where machine planting is not feasible due to accessibility, obstacles or other factors, it is possible to plant flower bulbs and/or perennials by hand instead. Lubbe & Sons  offers hand planting of flower bulbs or bulb mixes as a service to its clients. Our perennials are always planted by hand.

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Advice on planting

In order to enjoy the lovely flowers and foliage in the public space of your business complex, urban park or municipal flower bed for as long as possible, it is important to keep serval tips in mind when planting your flower bulbs.

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Care and maintenance of plants (fertilizing)

Besides following the instructions for proper planting, it is equally important to pay attention to the care and maintenance of the flower bulbs, or perennials. The proper use of fertilizer is vital to ensuring a lengthy blooming period and minimising the chance of plant diseases.

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Wholesale bulb supplier in the UK

Lubbe Lisse is a wholesale bulb supplier in the UK.